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Saturday, May 21, 2022

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A healthier, eco-friendly lifestyle beckons as Beko opens two stores in SA

The new Beko store at The Crescent Umhlanga, KwaZulu-Natal opened in early September.

The new Beko store at The Crescent Umhlanga, KwaZulu-Natal opened in early September.

Published Sep 29, 2021


Imagine being able to reduce your carbon footprint, and give your family 99% protection from bacteria and viruses - including Covid-19 - simply by turning on your washing machine or tumble dryer?

Beko, Europe’s leading freestanding home appliance brand and pioneer in product innovation to support a healthier lifestyle, has opened two stand-alone stores in South Africa - making it possible for local consumers to use its wide range of household appliances with a clear conscience.

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The first Beko store opened on August 28 in The Design Quarter in Fourways, Gauteng, and the second opened at The Crescent Umhlanga, KwaZulu-Natal in September. Beko is a subsidiary of Arçelik, a global leading consumer durables and electronics manufacturer and the parent company of Defy, a well-known and trusted South African appliance brand.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way we live, shifting our priorities and changing our household needs. More people are working from home, and as many families opt to socialise and even school their children within the safety of their own houses, consumers are placing an even greater value on products that will make their lives more efficient, pleasant and safe,” says Rajan Gungiah, Beko regional marketing director for Sub-Saharan Africa. “One of the many interesting consumer trends to emerge from the pandemic is a greater curiosity about products that can safeguard households from infection. Hygiene is no longer a nice-to-have.”

According to “The Age of Nesting” – a report created by Beko in partnership with foresight consultancy The Future Lab - people want home innovations designed to reduce exposure to viruses and pollutants and to maximise personal hygiene, in their bid to protect themselves and their families from the current and future pandemics.

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“With the home now doubling as a multi-functional hub, time management has become a consumer priority,” continues Gungiah. “Emerging technologies with longevity and sustainability in mind will become more prominent as consumers adapt to life in the midst of a pandemic.

“Beko appliances have short and smart programmes that allow them to be more energy and time-efficient.”

The AquaTech washing machine uses waterpower to replace vigorous drum movement for faster but gentler washes, while a steam feature reduces ironing time. “The pandemic has also prioritised physical and mental wellbeing, with consumers seeking products that will encourage a healthier lifestyle.” Fruit and vegetables last up to three times longer in the refrigerator with Beko’s food preservation technologies, like EverFresh+, which regulate temperature and humidity - thereby reducing food costs, food waste and unnecessary trips to the grocery store.

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Rajan Gungiah and the Beko Johannesburg team at the opening of the new store at the Design Quarter in Fourways.

But healthy living is only possible on a healthy planet, and consumers are increasingly being drawn to products that incorporate environmental sustainability. “Up to 40% of all household consumption is associated with the use of home appliances, so we have a responsibility to supply appliances that are eco-friendly and help reduce our carbon footprint.”

Beko’s report found that new “Generation Nesters”, an emerging demographic of home-focused consumers, have become more aware of the link between human health, the pandemic and environmental degradation, and will embrace brands and companies who are committed to improving the eco-credentials of their products and appliances.

Mindful of the reality of a climate crisis, Beko is implementing energy efficiency projects and investing in renewable energy systems to contribute to the fight against the climate change and in an effort to reduce its customers’ carbon footprints.

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“Today’s consumers are open to energy-efficient, sustainable products that limit the destructive impact we leave on the planet. By providing products with intuitive design that makes them easy to use, Beko is making it possible to embrace sustainability as a way of life - not only during this pandemic, but for future generations as well,” concludes Gungiah.

Beko is the official Main Partner of FC Barcelona. Both brands strive to truly make a difference to people’s lives. The “Eat Like A Pro” initiative aims to help tackle the global epidemic of childhood obesity by reinforcing the importance of healthy eating and nutrition.

Beko products are available from Beko stores at The Design Quarter in Fourways, Johannesburg and at The Crescent in Umhlanga Ridge, Umhlanga. Products range from the AquaTech Front Loader boasting high energy efficiency and the freshness engaging EverFresh+ Fridge, to products with bio-composites for the planet like the BioCoffee Espresso Machine.

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