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Saturday, May 21, 2022

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New Hobbies to take on in 2022

If there’s one thing this pandemic has taught us, it's that you NEED a hobby to survive these crazy times.

If there’s one thing this pandemic has taught us, it's that you NEED a hobby to survive these crazy times.

Published Jan 12, 2022


Be it a new skill that you’ve always wanted to learn or an old one that you’ve wanted to get back into; now may be the perfect time to get busy and make the most out of the new year. The idea of a new year and a fresh start is exciting, so definitely add a new project to your New Year’s Resolutions!

So what is everyone into nowadays? Let’s have a look at what’s trending for 2022. It seems as though most of what people learn these days is discovered on TikTok. After lots of research and hours on social media, we found that these are the top trending hobbies to follow in the new year:

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Arts & Crafts

Looks like the new Van Gogh is coming from this generation. Whether you are scrapbooking or creating beautiful art and pottery, a lil’ do-it-yourself moment is always cute and helps bring out the inner creativity you never thought you had.


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Believe it or not, Gen Z’s are gardening! Taking on roles as ‘plant moms and dads’ and listing this newly found hobby in their bio to show the world how serious it is, whilst getting all the pots, plants and planters they need to live up to the titles.

If you want to start growing your own organic veggies but have no idea where to start, then Jane’s Delicious Garden, a guide on how to grow organic vegetables and herbs in South Africa is just what you need. This is a budget-friendly, rewarding and fun hobby! We’re very excited about homescaping in the new year!

Reading Books

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So this is one that seems to fall in and out of fashion through the years. For a long time being a bookworm was looked down upon but now it looks like the pandemic and all these lockdowns have forced more people to read and we could not be happier. Find the top 50 best sellers in SA here and enjoy!

The Millennial Content Creator

Going onto any Social Media platform today may feel like entering hostile territory with a team of Gen-Z snipers ready to shoot the moment you post anything, but more and more millennials are taking the internet by storm and with the right tools, ANYONE can be a content creator.

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We’ve created a mini social media starter kit with Loot products to get you ready for fun & rewarding battle:

⦁Lighting is everything! A selfie ring light is an essential for any content creator, this Lumina 10” Selfie Ring Light With Adjustable Tripod And Remote is perfect for hopping onto TikTok trends, live streaming, vlogging, creating reels and so much more

⦁Road Trips and holiday vlogs get loads of engagement! An adjustable suction mount holder to keep your phone locked in place while you vlog is so handy!

⦁Lastly, capture pictures and videos without having to manually start and stop recording with a bluetooth trigger. It’s a remote and is life changing!

All in all, 2022 might be the glimmer of hope we were praying for. A new year means new opportunities and new ways to find ourselves in this masked-up world! If none of the above mentioned hobbies speak to you, then maybe try something else? From gymming, cooking or gaming, we’ll try anything to make it through another year!

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