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Saturday, May 21, 2022

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How to keep your sex life alive after kids

Published Dec 20, 2021


We’ve all been there. You’ve just finished dinner and sorted the kitchen. Packed the lunches. The kids might still need to bath and you forgot to walk the dog again. You’re stressed about work; you had an argument with your husband about something trivial and you’re exhausted.

You still need to get the kids to bed and by the time you read The Hungry Caterpillar for the 7th time you almost fell asleep yourself. Sex is probably the absolute last thing on your mind. Again. And maybe by now it’s been weeks or even months.

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We’re saying: SNAP out of it! It’s so easy to get stuck in routine and lose your sex drive when the kids are so demanding of your time and energy. You forget to connect with yourself or make time for your husband. Maybe you’ve even become a bit… boring.

Well, no more. Remember when your husband couldn’t keep his eyes off of you? Remember when you couldn’t keep your HANDS off of him? It’s time to get back there, and we’re about to show you how to feel sexy again.

First up, you need to loosen up. Light some candles in your room. Make your bedroom more romantic. Bring some strawberries and possibly wine into your bedroom. Wine will help relax you and your husband and get you in a mood. Pssst: Get wine delivered to your door here.

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Now for a bit of naughty bedroom fun. Have you ever tried any kind of sex toys? You might have tried them on your own, but what about with your husband? There’s nothing wrong with getting a little kinky together to ignite a bit of passion. Here are a few recommended steps to a better, healthier and more exciting sex life!

1. Talk to each other

You need to have a REAL talk with each other and ask your partner what his fantasies are. If you want to get a bit rough, you need to decide on a safe word which means “stop”! This will give you more confidence and make you feel safer whilst exploring with one another.

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2. Start small

Want to try some Fifty Shades vibes? You can start small with these Fifty Shades Lockable Adjustable Metal Handcuffs or go all out with the Fifty Shades Pleasure Overload 10 Days Of Play Couples Kit. Some couples get a kick out of watching each other pleasure themselves as we just saw in the Sex & the City “And Just Like That” revival. There’s a reason that Samantha Jones made The Rabbit Vibrator famous. Remember when Charlotte got addicted to hers and they had to stage an intervention? HIGHLY recommend. Find The Sex & The City Rabbit Vibrator in South Africa here.

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3. Couples that play together, stay together. What if we told you that they’ve invented a vibrator that pleasures both you & him at the same time? We’re talking about the super popular WeVibe Vibrator for him & her. Friends, hear us out. This vibrator provides hands-free clitoral stimulation for her, with a slim design that's comfortable and fun for you both. The easy-to-use remote features a single button that either partner can use from up to three metres away. One part fits inside you while the other part covers your clitoris. Your man is able to slip inside you and feel the pulses and vibrations with you. And all at the click of a button. We’re all for hands-free fun!

4. Never stop exploring. Once you’ve entered the world of bedroom toys and gadgets, it’s hard to stop. Have fun shopping online together and finding new things you want to try out together. You can shop bedroom and sex toys online in South Africa here. Have fun and happy playing, girls!

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