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Thursday, May 19, 2022

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RECIPES: Last-minute Christmas dinner ideas to impress

White chocolate and lavender crème brulee. Picture: Supplied

White chocolate and lavender crème brulee. Picture: Supplied

Published Dec 24, 2021


Left everything until the last minute? Don’t stress! These quick and easy recipes will have you whipping up a delicious Christmas feast in no time.

delicious duck liver parfait with cumberland sauce, salad of curly endive and french bread

Duck liver parfait

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1kg duck liver

500ml milk

10x eggs

120g red onion diced

800g butter melted

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200g butter melted

250ml port

250ml brandy

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20g fresh thyme

1x star anise

5g salt

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5g coarse ground black pepper


Soak duck livers in milk overnight.

Drain and trim off excess sinew and fat.

Sautéed onions until soft.

Add garlic and thyme and sauté for another 30 seconds.

Add port, brandy, and star anise.

Reduce by two-thirds.

Remove the star anise.

Place mixture into a blender with livers and blend.

Add one egg at a time.

Slowly add the 800g of melted butter until incorporated.

Pass the mixture through a drum sieve and season with salt and pepper.

Pour mixture equally between 4x1 litre chafing dishes.

Place dishes into a standard gastronome and add water until it comes halfway up the dish.

Cover with foil and bake in a bain-marie at 120 degrees Celsius for 40 minutes.

Remove from the oven and check that it's cooked.

Allow cooling for 30 minutes.

Then pour the 200g melted butter over them.

Close up of crusted lamb ribs cutlets with bone rar medium roasted on wooden cutting board with knife and herbs. Top view. Meat food

Lavender and cashew nut crust lamb

Serves: 5


1kg lamb saddle excess fat removed

30ml oil

3 whole garlic cloves unpeeled

10ml hot English mustard

100g lavender dried and chopped

100g of cashew nuts roasted and chopped very finely

10g onion powder

10g garlic powder

10g salt

800g bread crumbs


Mix all dry ingredients together evenly and set aside to be used later. Roll lamb saddle and tie with butcher's string until it resembles a sausage.

Rub with English mustard.

Season with salt and pepper and allow to stand at room temp for 15 minutes.

Heat oil in a pan until oil starts to smoke.

Seal the lamb in the pan until golden brown all the way around.

Smash the garlic once to release oils.

Add to the pan and reduce heat to a simmer.

Fry garlic for 2 minutes, be careful not to burn it.

Place garlic and lamb into an oven dish.

Spoon the rendered fat over the lamb.

Roast at 180 degrees Celsius for 15 minutes (this should take you to medium).

Remove from oven and allow to rest for 5 minutes

Remove the butcher's string.

Roll the lamb in the lavender crust until fully coated.

Slice and serve with sides of your choice.

Creme brulee dessert with blueberries and mint leaves. Close up.

White chocolate and lavender crème brulee

Serves: 12


12x egg yolks

1lt cream

120g white chocolate

50g castor sugar

10ml vanilla essence


Heat cream, vanilla essence, sugar, and castor sugar in a saucepan continuously stirring until chocolate is melted do not allow to boil.

Allow cooling.

Whisk in the egg yolks.

Pour mixture through a cloth to remove chalaza cords.

Pour into 12 ramekins.

Bake at bain-marie at 160 degrees Celsius covered in foil.

When the custard is a jelly-like consistency, remove it from the oven and bain-marie.

Do not get water into the crème Brule at any point.

Allow cooling at room temperature.

Wrap individually and refrigerate overnight.

Recipes from Granny Mouse Country House.

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