The Baby Trade – Tracking the Truth… because the truth should never be trafficked.
The Baby Trade – Tracking the Truth… because the truth should never be trafficked.

WATCH: The Baby Trade: Tembisa 10 Docuseries Teaser Released

By Staff Reporter Time of article published Nov 18, 2021

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As promised at a recent press conference, Independent Media will be releasing a series of mini documentaries that recount the tale of the Decuplets and what happened. Setting the scene for what is to come, the teaser dropped today.

In October, Independent Media reported back on the decuplets story that made front page news in June. Investigations that led to the report, had revealed several contradictory elements giving rise to concerns that although the story of the birth of the Tembisa 10 was real, all was not as it should be.

Independent Media came to the realisation that ‘the babies’ may well have been trafficked.

Keen to get to the bottom of what happened, industrialist and philanthropist, Dr Iqbal Survé, Executive Chairman of Independent Media, has been instrumental in driving the docuseries to help bring this topic to the fore. He describes the investigators' discoveries as a: “sickening cover-up and on a scale that should be ringing the bells of alarm from the President down.”

The silence from Government, is however, deafening on the subject of human trafficking.

Globally, the reported rates of human trafficking have increased. Much of this growth is due to the fall-out from Covid-19 economic restrictions. South Africa has not been excluded from experiencing this scourge either, although its statistics are vastly under-reported according to sources.

Dr Survé continued, “the baby trafficking ring operating in the heart of some of our country’s hospitals involves some unscrupulous medical professionals, administrators, government officials and members of law enforcement, and is a highly sophisticated organisation. They have preyed on the vulnerable of our society and countless babies and young children have just disappeared – to who knows where and to what.

“Sadly, we have probably only scratched the surface of the problem in our upcoming docuseries.”

Independent Media’s docuseries chronicles the saga of the decuplets, the characters involved and what has since unfolded. The content is disturbing, thought provoking and every parent should watch it and be aware of the dangers they and their kids can potentially face. “Trafficking is a real and ever-present danger,” confirmed Dr Survé.

The Baby Trade – Tracking the Truth… because the truth should never be trafficked.

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