Taking Peer to task regarding burial

Published Jul 13, 2011


WITH reference to the article, “Drama at Asmal's cremation”, which appeared in last week's edition of POST, Fawzia Peer, refuted allegations that the burial versus cremation issue had sparked a debate in the Muslim community.

Fawzia Peer has the audacity to take centre stage and say that there was no debate. Every mosque, community function or when friends and family gather, this issue was the first and foremost topic of discussion. It could be that where she congregates the people were too afraid to speak out.

Islam is a religion that has laws and rules on Muslim burial. As a Muslim you will be buried according to the laws laid down in the holy Quran. You will not be cremated, you will not be buried in a coffin and you will not be buried standing upright in your grave or whatever your wishes, except that which is prescribed.

Please will you be so kind as to inform us which Imam performed Kader Asmal's last rites. I am sure the Muslim community is curious to find out so that we may never follow him in prayer.

Fawzia Peer may represent a certain level of government, but she is not a spokesperson nor does she represent the Muslim community.

To add insult to injury by merely stating there was no debate suggests that Muslims have accepted this way of burial. We do not and will not accept this form of burial. Why is there silence from Muslim members of congregation? This is un-Islamic and you will be questioned on Judgment Day.

Cassim Soobadar


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