Selfish authority!

Published Jul 21, 2011


Fishermen who are fighting poverty have become victims of selfish authorities.

It is clear that congestion was one of the contributing reasons for the recent death of a fisherman at the Snake Park Pier.

The Minority Front supports the call for fishing on all the piers at the Durban beach front.

There must be by-laws in place to promote subsistence fishing.

Imposing bans at prime fishing spots robs fishermen and their families of a meal and income.

There needs to be a concerted effort by the authorities to get the Fishers Forum around the table so as to pave the way forward in respect of the fishing ban at the beachfront piers.

The subsistence fishermen must not be overlooked in the Integrated Development Planning (IDP) of the city and they have a right to fair treatment.

The Minority Front is still awaiting answers to questions we have posed to the Municipal Manager on the safety mechanisms at the snake park pier.

Councillor Patrick Pillay,

Minority Front


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