Letter - MF needs to change its strategy to remain relevant

Shameen Thakur-Rajbansi

Shameen Thakur-Rajbansi

Published Nov 8, 2019


Letter - I, like many others of Indian descent, am appalled by Minority Front leader Shameen Thakur-Rajbansi’s remarks at a recent debate in the KwaZulu-Natal Legislature.

In a video on social media, she attacks the DA.

She said: “There is only one party and that is the ruling party that cares about building one South Africa for all.”

At first, I was shocked.

But I later realised this was the modus operandi of MF even when the party’s founder Amichand Rajbansi was at the helm.  

In 2004, the MF sold out the Indian electorate when it voted with the ANC to change the hands of power in KZN.

It was a decision that led to Mr Rajbansi becoming the MEC of Sports and Recreation.

Thakur-Rajbansi, it seems, is following suit. She is promoting the ANC’s agenda and supporting its recommendations.

Prior to the recent general elections, she challenged the ANC’s policies of affirmative action and black economic empowerment.

She said these were unfair and racially divisive. Thakur-Rajbansi was adamant she would go to the UN to challenge these reforms.

This act resulted in her narrowly regaining her seat in the legislature.

Once again, those who voted for her were neglected.

Perhaps Thakur-Rajbansi has other personal aspirations.

If the MF wants to remain relevant it must change its strategy by offering a believable brand and changing its leadership.

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