Govender and POST get quality bouquets

Published Jul 13, 2011


I WOULD LIKE to congratulate Ravi Govender on his well researched article A legacy of quality which focused on the achievements of the Manilal Ratanjee family. And I would like to thank POST for endeavouring to acknowledge prominent Indian families in South Africa.

The name, Manilal Ratanjee is also synonymous with philanthropy, social development and piety.

In ancient vedic village culture, it is said that the water well was a central meeting place for villagers to exchange greetings and well wishes, while drawing their daily supply of water.

The warmth of the Manilall Ratanjee store is very symbolic of the water well of Chatsworth.

Also, by supplying quality prayer paraphernalia, the store is indeed contributing towards the spiritual development of the community.

I would also like to congratulate Mahesh Ratanjee and other members of the family for keeping their family legacy alive with pride and determination.

Divesh Maharaj

ISKCON Vaishnava Research Forum


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