Get the mix right, fire the managers

Published Jul 21, 2011


With reference to “Meeting with Lotus fm still sought” in POST, July 13-17, I would like to add that the leaders of the Tamil community have once again lost the plot.

On one hand Michael Lachmiah and Logan Chetty say Lotus fm is still not meeting the 50/50 music mix. Yet on the other hand Mickey Chetty, who is the President of the South African Tamil Federation, says he is happy with Lotus fm.

I don't think Mickey Chetty listens to Lotus fm or takes the Tamil community's concerns seriously. It is this type of confusion that allows others to take advantage of the Tamil community.

The simple solution to Lotus fm is to get rid of Station Manager Alvin Pillay and the programme manager Santosh Beharie.

They have failed to consult with all the role players.

Furthermore, they have allowed presenters to do their own thing.

I urge the leaders of the Tamil community to make sure there is balance. We must not compromise on our language and music.

“Pleasure will soon become shame and pain, if the act that procured it was unrighteous. Right conduct is therefore not only right but also wise” – Tirukkural.

Anaadhe Thamilin


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