Be careful of bogus marriage counsellor

Published Jul 13, 2011


I would like to caution the public over an article I came across in November 2010, offering free marriage counselling in the POSTchat section. Please be careful not to get conned and extorted out of thousands of rand as I did.

Once this person has your confidential information, she will start asking for money. She will even to go the extent of using her only daughter as an excuse to get money out of you. And she will use the confidential information you have given her against you.

We even sent her cash to pay for flight tickets. But she always had some excuse for not meeting us. In fact my marriage suffered more harm after speaking to this “self proclaimed marriage counsellor”.

After doing some checks we found out that she is not recognised. Please take note that marriage counselling done telephonically is considered unprofessional. I hope this letter saves marriages before it is too late.



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