Illovo Sugar Africa and the Imbumba Foundation launch their partnership

Illovo Sugar Africa and the Imbumba Foundation launch their partnership. Picture: Supplied.

Illovo Sugar Africa and the Imbumba Foundation launch their partnership. Picture: Supplied.

Published May 17, 2024


On May 9, the Imbumba Foundation launched a new partnership with Illovo Sugar Africa for the Trek4Mandela programme.

This year, Trek4Mandela are doing a first-of-its-kind 6-route expedition with each route representing a colour of the South African flag to commemorate South Africa’s 30 years of democracy.

The Imbumba Foundation is a non-profit organisation established by innovative social entrepreneur and humanitarian Richard Mabaso in 2010. The Foundation aims to bring about social change and economic upliftment, within rural and economically marginalised communities in southern Africa, through investing and mentoring individuals and communities who seek to uplift and empower themselves.

The Foundation currently has three flagship programmes – Caring4Girls, Trek4Mandela, and Vision 20/20 – as well as providing humanitarian aid to poverty-stricken communities.

Trek4Mandela, which has seen over 300 local and international climbers, is an annual expedition whereby a group of inspired individuals summit Mount Kilimanjaro on Mandela Day (July 18) and Women’s Day (August 9).

There have been 15 successful expeditions. This expedition was created to raise funds and awareness for the Caring4Girls initiative. Caring4Girls is a menstrual hygiene support programme that provides feminine hygiene, sanitary towels, and puberty education support to indigent girls.

Caring4Girls is one of the largest sanitary towel distribution programmes and has supported two million girl children across South Africa and neighbouring countries since 2012.

Illovo Sugar Africa is supporting 17 of their staff members from eight different countries from the African and European continents to journey up to the highest peak in Africa on and for Mandela Day.

All of which is being used to pioneer the awareness and alleviation of period poverty and keeping indigent girls in school. Through this partnership, Illovo Sugar Africa will significantly be impacting the lives of 4 250 girls for a full year by providing 51 000 packets of sanitary towels, which equates to 408 000 individual sanitary pads.

CEO of the Imbumba Foundation, Richard Mabaso, said: “We are very proud that this year’s expedition will be commemorating South Africa’s 30 years of democracy and most importantly, highlighting the importance of diversity and inclusion. Illovo Sugar Africa is the epitome of both diversity and inclusion through the display of having individuals from all walks of life from eight different countries being represented for a great purpose.”

Gavin Dalgleish, the CEO of Illovo Sugar Africa (Pty) Ltd, said at the launch event that he was very proud of the brave individuals who have taken up the opportunity to attempt to summit Mount Kilimanjaro in July. More so, that they are doing it for a greater purpose. The need for social impact was paramount to effect real change and he wished them all the best.

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