Mayibuye Mandela apologises to Zizi Kodwa for ‘inappropriate language’

Mayibuye Mandela. Picture Leon Lestrade. African News Agency/ANA.

Mayibuye Mandela. Picture Leon Lestrade. African News Agency/ANA.

Published Feb 21, 2024


Nelson Mandela’s great grandson, Mayibuye “Melisizwe” Mandela, has apologised to the Minister of Sports Arts and Culture, Zizi Kodwa, after calling him a “boy” and a “fool” in a podcast.

Mandela, who recently appeared on the “Podcast and Chill” hosted by Mac G, shared his ideas and views on government everyday activities. He spoke out on government interference in the everyday running of the Mandela family.

On the show, Mandela said: “You see this boy called Zizi who wears spectacles. He runs around like a fool telling someone that belongs to the family what to do with a family matter.

“He can’t come with the paraffin speed that he took my grandmother Makaziwe (Mandela) to court with, instead of saying, family, can you talk among yourself and solve the issue.

“The paraffin speed, who is this fool, Zizi Kodwa, went to court for my grandmother Makaziwe it must be the paraffin speed that he does,” he said.

Makaziwe is the former president’s eldest daughter.

He was referring to when the government led by Kodwa’s department took Makaziwe to court for two years, trying to block her from auctioning her father’s personal belongings, saying the items were artefacts of national heritage.

However, in the letter making rounds on social media, Mayibuye, writing to listeners, fans and supporters, apologised for his “inappropriate language”.

“I am writing this letter to sincerely apologise for the inappropriate language I used during a recent episode of the Mac G podcast. Upon reflection, I realise that my choice of words, specifically referring to Minister Zizi as ‘Kodwa’, was disrespectful and unacceptable.

“It was never my intention to demean or belittle Minister Zizi or anyone else. I understand the importance of respectful dialogue, especially when discussing public figures and leaders. Calling a man a ‘boy’ is not only disrespectful but perpetuates harmful stereotypes and undermines the dignity of individuals.

“I take full responsibility for my words and the impact they may have had on Minister Zizi and our listeners. I deeply regret any offence or hurt that my remarks may have caused. I understand the weight of my influence as a podcast host and the responsibility that comes with it,” he said.

He said going forward he would be mindful of the language he uses and the impact it may have on others.

“I will strive to foster a more inclusive and respectful environment on the Mac G podcast and in all aspects of my public discourse,” he said.

During the podcast, Mayibuye did not mince his words when talking about the Mandela trust responsibility.

Last month, the Mandela house in Houghton, Sandton, where the late president resided, was in the news after it was discovered that it was in a debilitating state.

He blamed those that were tasked to run the Mandela trust and said it was their responsibility to take care of the family home’s maintenance.

“These people are not embarrassing themselves, they are embarrassing the family name too,” he said.