Lady Zamar says she had fun creating her album ‘Rainbow’

Published Feb 14, 2024


Award-winning music artist Lady Zamar has expressed her excitement ahead of the release of her highly anticipated music album, titled “Rainbow”, as she prepares to give her fans a taste of music later in April.

After a five-year hiatus, the artist has promised that the album will be a ball of fun with a list of great stories that fans can immerse themselves in.

“Overall, it is a very fun album when you listen to the lyrics, and I had fun on this album. There’ll be great stories, sensational vocals, and some memorable tracks for everyone. You’ll also hear some Lady Zamar on amapiano beats on this album, and if you know my roots, you’ll know it’s a sound I have always been close to,’’ she said.

The “Collide” hitmaker also gives credit to the people she worked with in bringing the album to life, stating that they have been incredible to work with.

“The people I really want to give credit to are the Mega Drums duo; they’ve been incredible to work with and very easy to work with. As a person who is also a producer, it can be a bit hard to work with other producers, but they made it super easy. It was really an eye-opening experience because it showed it’s about finding the right team.

“Boskasie is incredible. A lot of writers were invited to this project, but Boskasie stood out tremendously. I think she really got me and understood me, which helped us just develop a synergy. Everything she touches turns to gold, and I really enjoyed having her on board.’’

She also notes that “Castles” became the album’s cornerstone, and the idea of feeling like a teenager again is quite relatable.

“I think one of my favourite tracks on the album is ‘Blame Game’. If you know my discography, this song is the mirror image of ‘Charlotte’ (my 2016 hit with Prince Kaybee). In ‘Charlotte’, the song was about the main chick, but in ‘Blame Game’, we hear the story from the side chick’s perspective! The girl who comes in and destroys something that was already there. The first line is, I agreed to let you have my body, and there was never anything I said I wanted from it.’’