The ideal skincare routine for Gen Z

Having a healthy skincare routine is crucial. Picture: Pexels.

Having a healthy skincare routine is crucial. Picture: Pexels.

Published Mar 15, 2024


A skincare routine is not a one-size-fits-all-all. While most skincare steps may be similar, the products used are different.

For example, older people tend to focus more on battling ageing and Gen Z wants something that helps hydrate their skin since they participate in many activities compared to the older generations.

“This younger demographic is not just concerned about acne and blemishes; they are advocates for self-care and healthy, glowing skin from head to toe,” says Clere skincare brand manager Su-Marie Annandale.

She delves into what Gen Z seek in their skincare products and routines, with a special emphasis on the crucial aspects of body care and moisturising.

Individuality and personalisation: Everyone has their own skincare concerns. What works on person A will not work on person B. Gen Z doesn’t compromise when it comes to that, they want something specifically customised for them.

Relaxed baths with essential oils are part of self-care. Picture: Pexels.

Focus on mental health and self-care: A skincare routine isn’t just about treating the skin, it’s self care.

You truly have to find joy in slathering that product onto your skin, gently rubbing it, rinsing and seeing your skin come alive even with its imperfections. It’s a therapeutic practice.

Body care takes centre stage: While facial skincare often steals the spotlight, Gen Z is shining a light on the importance of body care. This generation understands that healthy, radiant skin extends beyond the face, encompassing the entire body.

A glowing skin mustn’t end on your face, the whole body needs to well nourished. And obviously, you have to smell nice, so opt for a body lotion that offers hydration and a welcoming scent.