Natasha Joubert to help ten more students with bursaries

Natasha Joubert to sponsor ten more students with bursaries. Picture: File.

Natasha Joubert to sponsor ten more students with bursaries. Picture: File.

Published Apr 10, 2024


Investing in education will always be a good idea because that’s one thing no one will ever take away.

As someone who struggled with paying tuition fees in varsity, Natasha Joubert doesn’t want the current generation to suffer the same fate, so she has taken it upon herself to raise funds and help students further their studies.

Following the successful launch of the first phase of her advocacy campaign, the current Miss SA is back with the second phase and will be sponsoring an additional ten students with bursaries.

This time, she has partnered with computer company ASUS, who will be sponsoring five coding scholarships for individuals who aspire to pursue a career in technology.

They have been joined by the leading coding school HyperionDev, which will also be sponsoring five bursaries.

“I am grateful that my campaign is helping some young people achieve more than they dreamed they would. The overwhelming response has strengthened my commitment to do as much as possible in the education and entrepreneurial spaces to make a difference in some people’s lives,” said Joubert.

The good news is that the bursary recipients have not yet been selected, so it could be you.

To enter, you must fill out an application form and submit it by April 19. The ten lucky students to receive bursaries will be announced on April 30.

Applications are open to all residents of South Africa, regardless of background or experience.