LOOK: Drip Footwear fans show off their collections

Drip Footwear. Picture: File.

Drip Footwear. Picture: File.

Published Feb 8, 2024


It’s an unwritten rule in the fashion world to buy it twice if it’s nice. But most fashionistas go overboard and buy it at least five or six times, which is okay because it’s tradition in the fashion world to collect your favourite items.

Some collect watches, other handbags and the most common, sneakers.

Sneakerheads will have a collection of sneakers for every season and gloat because it’s tradition to do so.

There’s this sense of pride they get when looking at their collection, and it's admirable. Fans of Drip Footwear, a South African sneaker brand, have also entered the chat and started a collection of Drip sneakers.

The brand has a range of sneakers in different colours, and the fans have them in almost every colour.

Taking to X, Lekau Sehoana, founder of the brand, shared images he received from his clients, showing off their Drip collection.

“There are customers who are collecting Drip. Super humbling and beautiful. I’ve always asked myself, what can we do for our customers in return?

“What we’re about to launch next will honour and give something in return to our Drip community. Some of the colours I don’t have myself. I’m humbled,” wrote Sehoana.

And since he asked what he can do to thank his loyal customers, some suggested launching a T-shirt range, while others said he must consider a colour spray for the shoes.

“I think you should also sell colour spray for your sneakers, the colours are fading away on sneakers especially the 4th frame sneakers,” suggested @shairmain_.