If you’re looking for inspiration to travel, just book it, says digital nomad

Digital entrepreneur, Tamryn Iyer, travelling and exploring. Picture: Supplied

Digital entrepreneur, Tamryn Iyer, travelling and exploring. Picture: Supplied

Published Feb 2, 2024


Thanks to digital media and technology, one can become a digital nomad and get the opportunity to travel and explore whilst working.

Though working in the digital space and especially as entrepreneur may come with challenges, the benefit of exploring the world at your own pace is unmatched.

Digital entrepreneur Tamryn Iyer has had the opportunity to write her own cheque and travel through digital entrepreneurship. Currently based in Johannesburg, Iyer grew up in Durban and studied at Rhodes University in the Eastern Cape.

She taught English in Vietnam and is pursuing a Masters in International Marketing through a University in Germany.

#Iyer is the founder of Impact 17, a media company that assists clients with their online presence. We spoke to Iyer about travel and being a digital nomad.

What are the things that you enjoy about travelling?

You’re absolutely vulnerable, you get humbled easily (for asking really simple things like how to cross the road) but more especially, you get to see the world through a different lens. You get to see that right or wrong isn't always linear or how we assume it to be.

What’s your favourite local destination and international destination?

Hands down, Franschhoek. I definitely need to travel more locally, but this place is truly a little gem. Not hidden, but a gem.

When it comes to travelling internationally, I’m split between Malaysia and Singapore. Malaysia is very much like Durban and Joburg put together (to put it lightly), but the buzzy metropolitan coupled with street food and beautiful nature is my ultimate form of a holiday, and, of course, Singapore is my dream country, everything is par excellence!

Tamryn Iyer having fun and enjoying some time out. Picture: Supplied

Having been in the digital space and a digital entrepreneur, would you consider yourself a digital nomad?

Absolutely. My clients, academics, friends (and even sometimes family life) are online. I run a fully digital process, everything from client consults to social media management.

I have clients whom I've never met but chat to 5 x times per week! Work comes with me, wherever I go!

Where would you like to go in future?

More African countries, starting with our neighbouring countries. Travel out of Africa is actually easier than within Africa, but that's a conversation for another day.

And finally, what word of advice would you have for young women in the Indian community about travelling?

Please book your tickets, get on the bus/plane, arrive your destination and THEN tell people you're going on vacation. People will have 1039485 opinions about why you shouldn't do it solo or choose an alternate location etc etc.

Outside noise will (always) throw you off. But, with that being said, make sure your close circle (parents/close friends) know your whereabouts. Safety is of utmost priority. You have the world at your fingertips.

Even if your goal is to take a bus from Durban to Joburg, book yourself at a safe hotel. That's the way to start exploring the world!