Former Mrs SA finalists raise over R400k for charities

The Mrs SA 2024 finalists. Picture: Instagram

The Mrs SA 2024 finalists. Picture: Instagram

Published Apr 25, 2024


Beauty without purpose stands for nothing. But beauty with purpose empowers the community.

Following the successful Mrs South Africa Ladies Annual Breakfast, recently held at Emperors Palace, the former finalists had some good news.

The highlight was the announcement and handover of funds raised by last year’s finalists. Every year, finalists choose to support one of three official Mrs South Africa-affiliated charities.

The class of 2023 hosted 14 events in support of CANSA, 11 for the Family Protection Association (FAMPRO) and six for the Southern Africa Animal Cancer Association (SAACA).

The 30 finalists who participated in last year’s competition managed to raise R420,000 in support of charities.

The gesture encouraged the current finalists and guests, who gave back something to the community by donating a pack of sanitary pads to help girls in need.

Joani Johnson, CEO of Mrs South Africa, was grateful to every woman who attended the annual breakfast.

“Almost 1,000 women together in a room to celebrate and uplift the spirit of sisterhood amongst dynamic and powerful women in South Africa. To pull off such a beautiful event of this magnitude takes a lot of work and dedication, and we are so grateful to everyone who helped us to bring this event to life,” she said.

The date for the Mrs South Africa pageant finale is yet to be announced.