Expert advice on how to keep your lips looking luscious this autumn

Expert advice on lip care. File image.

Expert advice on lip care. File image.

Published Mar 14, 2024


While the weather might still be relatively warm in many parts of South Africa, the coming weeks are expected to bring cooler weather conditions as autumn kicks in.

The changes in the weather will impact many aspects of our lives, including the condition of our lips, which often become chapped, dry and peeling during the colder months.

Skincare brand explained that your skin and lips lack moisture and hydration when there is a change in weather environments.

“For many people, chapped lips are a fact of life, especially during seasonal changes,” spokesperson Natasha Davel said.

“Extreme heat or cold coupled with dry air leaches moisture from the skin, causing dryness and flaking, particularly on the lips, where the skin is thin.”

She said that in autumn, there was much less humidity in the air, which resulted in the cold air pulling moisture from the skin.

“The best way to prevent chapped lips is to target the causes by keeping your body and environment hydrated whenever possible,” she advised.

Expert advice on lip care. File image.

She also suggested lip treatments for any existing dryness and to prevent more moisture loss. “But not all lip hydrators are created equally, so you will need to ensure that you are applying the correct type of lip care.”

Davel said that when choosing lip care treatments, consider your specific needs, such as hyperpigmentation or sun protection.

“It's important to use a lip balm daily and reapply as needed.”

She believes that applying lip balm proactively before your lips feel dry under lipstick, it helps keep them hydrated.

“You will also need to do a lip scrub and lip mask at least twice a week to help remove the dead skin cells and build up on your lips,” said Davel.

“This will help your lips look soft, smooth and brighter.”

The skincare expert also listed some of the frequently asked questions she receives when it comes to lip balms and lip care:

Do I need to use a lip mask every day?

Not every day, but definitely at least twice a week coupled with your lip scrub.

Do I need to reapply lip balm?

It is generally recommended to use a lip balm as needed. However, if you are out eating or drinking, it’s always nice to reapply it at that point.

Can I apply a lip balm under my lipstick?

Yes, it is completely suitable to use a lip balm under your lipstick to make sure that your lips remain hydrated, even if the lipstick has a drying formula.

Do I need to be using a lip mask or lip scrub?

It is recommended to use a lip mask if you specifically suffer from dryness.

Davel added that a lip scrub is a great therapeutic way to help lock in moisture overnight and allow your lips to heal.

“Using a lip scrub is a good idea at least twice a week to help your lips recover and renew themselves.”