Businesswoman opens up about the health benefits of sea moss

Co-owners of Lovely and Healthy, Carl and Alexis Henry, with their daughter, Cassey. Picture: Supplied

Co-owners of Lovely and Healthy, Carl and Alexis Henry, with their daughter, Cassey. Picture: Supplied

Published Apr 19, 2024


In today’s world, it’s easy to dismiss health problems as a part of life or growing older. Alexis Henry, a Cape Town businesswoman, and her husband, Carl, decided to take a different approach to their health concerns.

Henry opened up about her struggles, revealing a history of painful menstrual periods from a young age, requiring up to two packets of pain medication each month. Her health challenges didn't stop there.

She faced asthma in her childhood and, later, dealt with sinus issues and digestive problems like cramps and constipation.

Tired of living on Gaviscon to manage her acid reflux and relying on Voltaren injections for back and neck spasms, Alexis’s medicine cabinet was overflowing with supplements and various medications.

Despite trying numerous detoxes and other remedies, relief seemed out of reach. That is until a TikTok video introduced her to the world of sea moss in November 2022. Intrigued by its numerous health benefits, she decided to give it a go.

The discovery was pivotal. In 2023, inspired by the remarkable improvement in their health from dietary changes and natural, toxin-free products, Alexis and her husband launched their own family-owned business Lovely and Healthy.

Their star product, sea moss, was at the heart of their health transformation. Motivated by their journey and the incredible outcomes they experienced, they’re passionate about sharing the power of sea moss with others looking for natural solutions to their health issues.

Carl Henry co-onwer of Lovely and Healthy. Picture: supplied

In a recent chat with “Independent Media Lifestyle”, she said: “Since I started using sea moss over a year ago, it’s been amazing to see my health issues disappear.

“I’m full of energy now, and the best part? I don’t need any medications anymore. This whole experience has been a game-changer for me and my husband. He's seen great benefits from sea moss too. So much so, that we decided to start selling it ourselves.”

Alexis and her husband are driven by a simple but powerful belief: good health is the key to a good life.

“We’ve been there, struggling with health issues and seeing how it affects everything you do. It’s tough. That’s why we wanted to do something about it. We wanted to help others get their zest for life back.”

What is sea moss and why is it touted as a superfood

In an enlightening chat, we delved into the world of sea moss, a remarkable seaweed revered for its superfood qualities.

“There are numerous types of sea moss, each packed with an impressive list of vitamins and minerals, though not all of them are palatable.

“The sea moss that has caught our attention, sourced from the Tanzanian shores, belongs to the euchema genus, known for its palatability as much as its nutritional value.”

Dubbed a superfood, sea moss is celebrated for offering a holistic range of nutrients that are essential for the body. That’s the magic of sea moss. “It’s not just food; it’s a powerhouse nourishing your body with what it needs most.”

Raw sea moss before its transformed into various health products like sea moss gel. Picture: supplied

“We also do recipes with sea moss and tips for making your own remedies and tincture oils. We will be doing a series on toxic-free living on Instagram and, in the future, we would like to have online workshops.

“Sea moss isn't just any health product; we see it as a superfood,” said Alexis.

She said that that in many countries, seaweed was often eaten as a side salad or in sushi, making it not so unfamiliar to most people.

However, the seaweed found off the coasts of South Africa might not taste as good, which might be why it hasn’t found its way into local dishes.

“What makes sea moss stand out is that it’s entirely natural. You don’t need to add anything to turn it into a gel, and it stays fresh in the fridge for up to a month. If you use it every day, you don’t have to worry about it spoiling,” she added.

Their research into sea moss has uncovered numerous studies showing its benefits. Interestingly, seaweed has wider applications beyond being just food. It’s used as a natural thickening agent in various food products, known as agar in plant-based jellies.

The cosmetic industry also uses seaweed, and in South Africa, it serves as feed for abalone and oysters. Moreover, an extract from seaweed is used as a growth booster in agriculture, highlighting its diverse uses.

“It’s become a staple for us, and I’ve creatively included it in our meals – from pasta to fish cakes – using sea moss powder, and adding its gel into soups and stews, it’s made a huge difference.”

The benefits she experienced, have been game-changing.

“I’ve seen a remarkable weight loss, an energy boost, a better menstrual cycle and, amazingly, I’ve stopped using over-the-counter medications for flu, acid reflux and muscle spasms.

“I’ve battled with health issues for a long time. But the turning point was seeing this journey as a step-by-step process, not rushing for instant results. I decided to lose weight gradually, the same way I gained it.”

Given the overwhelming variety of health products available, she said: “Starting is the hardest part. We aim to simplify it by recommending a basic set of products we personally believe in and use.”

Besides sea moss, she shared extra health tips.

“Cold showers are amazing for boosting endorphins, enhancing blood circulation and really waking you up. Another favourite treatment of mine is ozone therapy. Having a portable device at home and using it after a long day’s work does wonders.

“For instance, the olive oil we sell can be used in making hair oil, soothing or tinctures oil and can be used for cooking. We show how this can be done with videos which we share on our social media pages. We are on Tik Tok, Instagram and Facebook.”