Mzansi reacts to L-Tido pouring vodka on AKA’s grave

Kiernan Forbes. Picture: Instagram

Kiernan Forbes. Picture: Instagram

Published Jan 29, 2024


Late rapper AKA was celebrated on what would have been his 36th birthday by the Forbes family and Nadia Nakai, who gathered at his graveside to pay their respects.

It has been almost a year since the legendary, award-winning rapper was shot outside Wish, a Durban restaurant. Recently, AKA’s close friend L-Tido also visited the grave, marking the sombre occasion.

Following the social media post, reactions were swift and varied.

Some criticised L-Tido for pouring Cruz Vodka on the grave, deeming it inappropriate, while others defended the gesture, finding solace in the unique way he chose to remember his departed friend.

AKA had collaborated with Cruz Vodka in the past. The partnership involved him being an ambassador for the brand and participating in promotional activities for Cruz Vodka.

In the context of L-Tido pouring Cruz Vodka on AKA’s grave, it could be seen as a symbolic gesture and a way of honouring the late rapper’s association with the brand.

It’s not uncommon for individuals to use items or symbols that held significance in the life of the deceased as part of their tributes and expressions of remembrance.

However, some found it disrespectful.

@L_Tido wrote: “Happy birthday Kiernan 🎂we miss you bro 🕊️ they’ll never be another ❤️.”

@ZizinjaAbelungu commented: “This is disrespectful to the dead. Yi Kaka le.”

@mabosigomolamu disagreed: “Read the bottle, it’s written AKA… they are honoring his legacy.”

Furthermore, L-Tido included an additional video featuring AKA, in which he shares insights from a Christian perspective, emphasising the importance of performing actions out of kindness.

@L_Tido wrote: “The other side of kiernan I want the world to know.”

@Alexander_mufc commented: “Very Humble person the Nation will miss him dearly 🕊️.”

@AbsolutelyIvy29 also wrote: “Wow!! He had a beautiful heart, may his soul rest in peace. 😭🤧”