MacG receives flak for dissing Tyla on ‘Podcast and Chill’

MacG. Picture: Instagram

MacG. Picture: Instagram

Published Feb 13, 2024


Social media users are coming in hot and heavy for podcaster MacG.

This comes after he picked on global superstar Tyla in the latest episode of “Podcast and Chill with MacG”.

In a viral video making the rounds on social media, MacG, together with co-host Sol Phenduka and Ghost Lady, where discussing the “Water” hitmaker’s recent Grammy win.

During the conversation MacG said: “But shout out to Tyla’s team. What they’re doing with Tyla is amazing.

“Imagine if Tyla’s team was working with someone who is really talented, like what they could do?”

Phenduka and Ghost Lady immediately called him out for it, saying that she is very talented.

He quickly backtracked and said: “No no no, I’m saying imagine if they work with Msaki bro, you know what I mean.”

When the co-hosts still didn’t agree, MacG said: “Okay, I take it back.”

Despite backtracking from his original thoughts, X users, chillers and Tyla’s fans, “Tygers”, were fuming.

They took to the comments section to let him know.

@ADS_ZAR said: “Mac G is either too drunk sometimes or he is really just a shock jock for his show to get numbers because no ways any sane person can say Tyla is not talented.”

@AfroNeneBae replied: “Bro! Like really!!! Coz the Hun is the full package. Maybe she doesn't have Maria Carey’s voice, but it’s good enough and she will become stronger vocally over time.

“But now she has the look, charm, dance moves... she’s packaged and ready to ship to the world.”

@UniStarr17 wrote: “He is just jealous that Tyla has reached a bigger audience in a short span of time than he ever could in his entire miserable career. He doesn’t have any talent either. All he does is show up and hate on people.”

Recently, MacG also took aim at award-winning DJ, Maphorisa.

He claimed that Maphorisa does not build artists he works with and called him a “greedy vampire”.

“That guy is a vampire. He feeds from the youth. He is greedy. Have you ever heard anyone say a nice thing about working with Phori?

“Everyone who leaves him has always got bad things to say. And people who are still in there have bad things to say. The moment you have to start counting how much good you are doing for the people, that’s a red flag,” MacG said on the podcast.