Don’t miss Ona hosting her first solo fashion show on ‘House of Zwide’

Onalerona Zwide is set to host the “Kasi Fashion Show”. Picture: Baba ka Buhle

Onalerona Zwide is set to host the “Kasi Fashion Show”. Picture: Baba ka Buhle

Published Feb 12, 2024


House of Zwide” is supposed to be a fashion show, and sometimes they lose the plot. For example, the Kopano storyline was unnecessary because what does he have to do with fashion?

We want to see garments being ripped apart, the sourcing of fabrics, picking models, the pop-up stores and all those behind-the-scenes that happen in the fashion industry – not some revenge over a 20-year-old grudge.

However, we are grateful that Onalerona “Ona” Zwide, played by Nefisa Mkhabela, is finally having her first solo show.

The long-lost daughter of Funani Zwide is nothing like her brother, Nkosikhona. She is smart, a hard worker and is establishing something of her own instead of riding on her father’s wave.

On Monday, February 12, Ona will stage a massive fashion show at a taxi rank titled Kasi Fashion Show.

Viewers can expect to be blown away by the vibrant taxi rank transformed into an unconventional runway as Ona unveils her garments.

The fashion show is a tribute to her courageous mother, who is battling with brain cancer.

“Everyone dreams of achieving something remarkable. Mine has always been in the world of fashion, and I have never hesitated to face failure. Achieving your dreams involves putting in effort every day and night.

“Passion, persistence and perseverance have been key to achieving my dreams. I believe giving your absolute best will make you see the best results. So, in essence, it applies to everything.

“When excellence comes together, I view it as the fulfilment of a long, cherished dream,” said Ona.

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