All eyes on who Ramaphosa will elect in his new Cabinet

Published Jun 16, 2024


South African President Cyril Ramaphosa, re-elected for a second term after his weakened ANC lost its outright majority, will announce an "inclusive" cabinet, the party said Saturday. This comes on the back of the Democratic Alliance confirming the formation of a Government of National Unity (GNU).

The African National Congress (ANC)'s Ramaphosa will lead what the party calls a government of national unity after the May 29 general election produced no outright winner.

Congratulatory messages continued to pour in for the leader who was re-elected as president on Friday and will be inaugurated on June 19.

US President Joe Biden said he looked forward to the two countries "continuing our work together".

The African Union (AU) chairperson Moussa Faki said he looked "forward to continuing to work with you on our shared Continental agenda to which you have been a strong champion".

Namibia's president Nangolo Mbumba congratulated his "dear brother" Ramaphosa. He was confident he would continue to lead the country to "greater heights", he added.

The election marked a historic turning point for South Africa, ending three decades of dominance by the ANC of the late Nelson Mandela.

The humbled ANC said it was "ready to set aside our political differences, find innovative ways to work together in the interest of our nation".

The national unity government includes the centre-right Democratic Alliance (DA), the Zulu nationalist Inkatha Freedom Party and other smaller groups.

On Friday, Chief Justice Raymond Zondo opened the parliament's first sitting, swearing in MPs in batches and presiding over the election of the speaker, who was from the ANC, and a deputy speaker who hailed from the DA.

However, South Africans continued to express scepticism about the unprecedented deal, particularly the union of the ANC and the DA, until now long-term political foes. The DA has been the country's longest official opposition.