STADIO launches BA degree

Preparing the next generation to work for change within an African and international context.

Preparing the next generation to work for change within an African and international context.

Published Jul 13, 2023


In a period of increased uncertainty and as AI comes of age, people are outsourcing more tasks to algorithms and computers and the world of work is changing.

Now, more than ever, we need people who are able to understand context, collate disparate ideas, strategize effectively and communicate clearly in a way that mobilises action, suggests Divya Singh, Chief Academic Officer at STADIO. She believes that a Bachelor of Arts degree is a useful tool in preparing students to meet this need.

Aimed at students looking to learn analytical skills to understand the African context and to interpret it creatively, the STADIO general BA degree is designed to help students gain ethical leadership skills that equip a new generation to lead and mobilise organisations and communities towards personal wholeness and societal transformation.

Successful completion of the degree will lead to an informed historical consciousness, a solid knowledge of politics, philosophy and economics, and a critical awareness of the factors that shape the life of society.

“How information is analysed, interpreted and presented is so important – domestically, continentally and globally,” says Singh. “From political analysts to journalists, members of the diplomatic corps, people in politics and government – we wanted to create a programme for people who want to get into the space of information sharing at a deeper level.

We’ve tried to use politics and governance as a core focus, with social, economic, ethical and philosophical components built on that foundation. We hope that students will learn logic and reasoning, as well as creativity and communication, and the importance of accountability. We see our graduates as responsible people who understand the importance of research, the impact of their words and the influence they can exert in the world. We want to turn out bigger-picture thinkers.”

Core subjects include philosophy, politics and government, academic writing, African studies, end-user computing, and a community project, where students work with a charity. Electives include understanding human behaviour, leadership and ethics, innovation, global citizenship and understanding and managing creativity.

Singh says the BA is a good fit for people who want to contribute to a body of thought leadership, effect change in society, and leave behind a meaningful legacy. It is an ideal qualification for deep-thinkers who are not only able to grapple with information, but package it in a way that others will grasp and respond to.

STADIO’s BA is offered over three years via distance learning (at NQF level 7), which makes it accessible to people throughout South Africa and Namibia, regardless of geographic location.

Students will learn to locate and critically interpret different sources and to use them in combatting abuse and injustice, to build safe and just communities. The programme helps them become self-motivated life-long learners in the service of humanity.

“I believe that this qualification is a way for us as STADIO to help South Africa in building a cadre of people who make the country proud when they go out into the workplace and facilitate meaningful conversations that move us in the right direction,” concludes Singh.

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