Mercedes-AMG C63 not returning to V8 power after all, CEO confirms

Published Aug 23, 2023


It appears that the Mercedes-AMG C63 won’t be getting its V8 back after all.

Earlier this month a report from a credible source in the US indicated that Mercedes-AMG was strongly considering reverting back to eight-cylinder power for its C63 and E63 performance models.

This would have happened around 2026, according to sources within the company.

However, Mercedes-AMG CEO Michael Schiebe has now shot down these rumours, in an interview with The Drive at Monterey Car Week recently.

He told the US publication that he could “definitely deny” that the performance division was reinstating V8 power in the flagship C-Class and E-Class models.

Schiebe said he felt the company had made the right call by downsizing these two products, because of where the market was currently heading.

The latest Mercedes-AMG C63 is powered by the world’s most powerful four-cylinder drivetrain, which pairs a 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine with a rear-mounted electric motor for system outputs of 500kW and 1,020Nm.

It’s certainly impressive from a technological standpoint, however enthusiasts have quite rightly criticised the move as a four-cylinder powertrain simply cannot replicate the spine-tingling acoustics of a V8, or even a straight-six for that matter.

On that note, the new-generation Mercedes-AMG E63 has yet to be revealed, but it is strongly rumoured that this midsize sedan will downsize to a straight-six hybridised motor.

It does make some sense that Mercedes-AMG is ditching V8s from its compact and midsize cars, given that the parent company is going the hybrid route.

While the company has indicated that its twin-turbo V8 would likely live on until the early 2030s at least, in hybrid form it is simply too heavy and powerful for the smaller sedans.

Consider that the hybridised motor produces a whopping 620kW in the Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S E Performance and 589kW in the S63.

On the other hand, the company did recently launch its new-generation GT coupe with a non-hybrid V8 as standard, however this is probably one of the last times we’ll see such a configuration from the company.

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