Lando Norris squashes Red Bull rumours by signing multi-year McLaren extension

Published Jan 29, 2024


Lando Norris has signed a "multi-year" contract extension with McLaren to end speculation over his Formula One future.

Norris was already contracted to McLaren until the conclusion of the 2025 season, but the new deal puts to rest talk the British driver could be lured to rivals Red Bull.

The 24-year-old has been with McLaren since 2018, but there were reports he could leave the team after a slow start to the 2023 campaign.

Norris eventually enjoyed his most successful season to date, finishing sixth in the world championship and recording six second-placed finishes.

"Considering we were able to do what we did last year, considering it's a team that I've been with from the beginning, it's a team that I want to continue my story with, in terms of reaching my goal of winning races and winning championships," Norris said.

"McLaren is the team that I want to do it with. They're the ones who brought me into Formula One and gave me this opportunity.

"So, in some ways, I feel like I owe it to them and I'm just very much part of the family and very much enjoying where I am. I don't want to join a different team and not enjoy it.

"I'm excited to be part of that family, especially on the trajectory that we're on."

Despite Red Bull currently being the dominant force in the sport thanks to star drive Max Verstappen, Norris insists that a change of team was not something he seriously considered.

Having started 104 races and earned 13 podium finishes, his next challenge is to secure a maiden Grand Prix win.

"Really nothing from any other side was convincing enough to ever want to make me even have a proper look at another team," he said.

"As much as I do want to just be in a team that's the quickest one, there's also that element of 'I'm also here because I love racing and I love to have fun and enjoy all of that'.

"There's not many things that can be guaranteed or assured of with any team. So, it comes back to, where will I be happiest and where am I most confident that I can actually achieve a world championship?

"In the beginning of last year, maybe it wouldn't have been McLaren but now I think I'm more confident than ever in saying it's going to be."

Agence France-Presse