Wedding planner shares biggest wedding trends for 2024

Pink monochromatic tones will be a big trend this year. Picture: Pexels/Asad Photo Maldives

Pink monochromatic tones will be a big trend this year. Picture: Pexels/Asad Photo Maldives

Published Jan 28, 2024


If you’re planning your wedding this year then you need to know what the hottest trends are.

Wedding planners Elyse and Betsy, took to TikTok to share what brides should look out for this year.

Monochromatic colour palates

This year there is a shift from neutral tones to lots of colour. However, the colours will all be in similar tones, pulling all different shades of the colour you pick as your theme.

Monochromatic colour palates are in. Picture: TikTok screenshot

She said that you can expect to see lots of pink monochromatic colours.

Documentary-style photography

“Gone are the days of standing in a row with the whole wedding party sitting there smiling perfectly,” she said.

Use documentary-style photography. Picture: TikTok screenshot

There will be more candid moment shots. Wedding photography that tells a story from beginning to end which shows the vibe and feeling of the day.

Elevated wedding guest dress codes

According to the wedding planner, more bridal couples are wanting their guests to dress to the nines. She added that guests should show up in evening gowns.

“Bring all the drama. Bring the ruffles. Bring the deep plunges. Bring all the main character energy,” she encouraged.

Restaurant receptions

“They are more intimate, the food is better and they lend very well to non-traditional weddings which is what we are moving towards,” she advised.

Restaurant receptions are a big trend this year. Picture: TikTok screenshot

She did however warn that you should not try and turn the venue into a traditional wedding reception.

Trying to do so will cost you a lot of money and in fact take away the vibe that the restaurant already has.

Otherwise, you might as well have the wedding at a traditional wedding venue.