Cheapskate bridal couple expect guests to bring their own food and alcohol to their wedding

No food will be served at the wedding, but the electricity will be for free. Picture: Vidal Balielo / Pexels

No food will be served at the wedding, but the electricity will be for free. Picture: Vidal Balielo / Pexels

Published Feb 22, 2024


If you’ve ever planned a wedding, you would know that it can be a costly affair.

From the dream dress to the perfect venue, it all adds up.

For most bridal couples the day is about celebrating their union and sharing that with their loved ones.

Whether it’s a sit-down dinner or a full-on party, one has to consider your guests and make sure they have a beautiful and memorable experience.

Regardless of what type of wedding you are planning, it’s not unusual for couples to try and get the best deals or cut costs where possible.

This bridal pair, however, have taken matters too far.

A Reddit user took to the popular Bridezilla page to share her experience with a cheapskate bride and groom.

She writes that she was ‘hired’ to help out with the wedding and her first duty was to make the wedding invites.

“The budget for wedding invites was about $12 (about R230) for 80 people,” writes the Reddit user.

“The bride made me make these hideous wedding invites. I wasn’t proud of the quality, but it’s what she wanted. When I asked what she wanted the cards to say, she made me write that instead of providing food, each guest had to bring a dish and bring their own alcohol. (She believed the bride and groom should not be expected to provide food to others.) The cards also had to say ‘electricity will be provided’,” she adds.

If that wasn’t bad enough, they were not even going to provide accommodation for guests from out of town.

“I assumed people from out of town would need a place to sleep. I was told that there would be no hotel. The only accommodations would be to bring your own sleeping bag and SLEEP OUTSIDE. Two portapotties would be provided to guests,” she continues.

What’s even more ridiculous is that they expected guests to pay to dance with the groom. According to the Reddit user, this was how they were going to fund their honeymoon.

Folk rushed to the comments section to share their opinion on the matter.

One user wrote: “Would love to see how few people turned up to that wedding.”

“The bride and groom's picture should be in the dictionary as the definition of audacity,” chirped another.

“Providing electricity? The f**k??? So it’s basically a camping trip you have to pay for that you never wanted to go on in the first place,” wrote another.

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