Bridezilla wants bridesmaids to wear blue contact lenses: ‘She sounds psychotic’

Bridesmaid wants to pull out of wedding. Picture: Unsplash Omar Lopez

Bridesmaid wants to pull out of wedding. Picture: Unsplash Omar Lopez

Published Jan 8, 2024


If you’ve never heard the term ‘bridezilla’ before, then you’re about to find out exactly what or let’s rather say who, that is.

A bridezilla is a bride-to-be who generally makes life miserable for everyone who is involved with the wedding planning.

She would expect the world and make ridiculous demands.

A Reddit user has taken to the app to share her experience with a typical bridezilla.

The 35-year-old is one of five bridesmaids and has known the bride since college.

“We began planning everything, having multiple meetings to make sure we all are up to date on all plans.

“She made all five bridesmaids and her MOH a binder of our duties and we put in information about the wedding ‘for future reference,’” wrote the bridesmaid.

While most of it was pretty much standard requirements, the big issue was that of what the bridesmaids should look like on the day.

“Here is where I started to back-pedal and want to walk away. I have very thick but fine hair. I keep the sides shaved down and the top and back long like halfway down my back which helps my migraines,” she wrote.

“I also have an Eeyore tattoo and a bear paw print tattoo that show. I also just had bariatric surgery so I'm working on losing weight. I also have glasses. This is relevant.”

She went on to list a few of the “musts” dictated by the bride-to-be.

The list included no visible tattoos, hair must be blonde or black, if your hair is too long like to your waist, it will need to be cut, you must fit into a size 8 dress, no brown eyes allowed so they will need to wear blue contact lenses and no eyeglasses allowed.

These a just a few of the 12 requirements.

Reddit users agreed that the bride-to-be’s requirements are ridiculous.

“She sounds psychotic, and I would absolutely back out of this wedding,” responded one user.

“No brown eyes? That's a level of delusion I didn't think possible,” said another.

“Is this list for real ???? I would decline .. no matter who the bride is.

“Honey I cannot attend , there’s no way I’ll be at size 8 by your wedding date :) … so enjoy. Have fun !” That’s what I would say,” wrote another.

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