Bride’s in-laws bring 10 extra uninvited guests to wedding

There wasn’t enough space for the uninvited guests. Picture: Pexels Rene Asmussen

There wasn’t enough space for the uninvited guests. Picture: Pexels Rene Asmussen

Published Nov 10, 2023


Weddings might be fun for guests, and it should be for the bride and groom, but it does come with a fair amount of stress.

There’s so much to consider when planning a wedding and one can just hope that all runs smoothly on the day.

Most aspects of a wedding centre around how many people are invited.

The numbers are important, especially for catering and seating purposes.

So it’s understandable why this bride lost it when her in-laws decided to bring 10 uninvited guests along to the wedding.

In a Reddit post shared to the popular “Am I The A**hole?” subreddit, the bride explained how great her wedding was except for one, not so small, part.

“I married my husband last weekend after about a year of planning,” she wrote.

“The ceremony went off perfectly even with kids in the church. The formal photos weren’t delayed. No one got drunk and wrecked anything. No one insisted on bringing their emotional support goat,” she continued.

Things only went wrong when they got to the reception and she noticed that her in-laws brought along about ten extra people.

In the post, she made it clear that the people were not invited but merely friends of her in-laws who she didn’t even know.

“There was no seating for them. Our best man and groomsmen found a folding table and chairs for them to sit at. There was food, we went with a buffet, but since we sent the tables to eat by number and they didn't have a number, they were sent last after everything had been picked over,” she added.

She explained that her in-laws then confronted her, saying that they were embarrassed their friends were being treated that way.

“I, very politely, asked them what they expected when they invited people without telling the people planning and paying for the wedding?” the bride responded.

“They said we needed to go apologise for their treatment. I said I would but I would also explain that they had not actually been invited. If they wanted their guests told anything else, then they had to go explain.

“They are upset with me. My husband has my back 100%. I think I could have been more gracious but I also think it should not have fallen on us to deal with it,” she concluded.

Reddit users took to the comment section with most people understanding why she was rightfully upset.

“Your in-laws are of course entirely out of line and are the a**holes here. But the people they invited are also a**holes for even showing up!” responded one person.

Another user commented: “NTA at all! Wow the entitlement of your in-laws is amazing. Who invites a bunch of extras to a wedding then gets upset they had no food or place to sit? You don’t owe anyone an apology.”

“NTA. They invited people without telling anyone and wanted you to apologise for lack of place to sit, lol. You were indeed extremely gracious and polite not telling them they must be completely mad,” wrote a third person.