Bridal couple tells guests who did not RSVP in time that that they will be missing the wedding

It’s important to RSVP. Picture: Tara Winstead / Pexels

It’s important to RSVP. Picture: Tara Winstead / Pexels

Published Mar 14, 2024


Weddings can be a costly affair and planning one can be stressful. From the venue to the food, there’s so much to consider.

But it’s nearly impossible to plan a wedding if you don’t know how many people you are catering for.

It’s for this reason that bridal couples send out invitations which usually request people to RSVP before a certain date and to a specific person, be it a wedding planner or family member.

As the person invited, it is good manners to respond to the invitation before the date. This allows the bride and groom to make any changes they need to make.

The last thing they want is to under or over-cater.

Imagine empty seats and too much food or not enough food for those who decide to attend without notice.

X user @BlackBarbie_Chi took to the app to share the importance of RSVPing by posting a response sent out by a bride and groom to those who didn’t RSVP.

“So a couple sent out wedding invitations with a RSVP deadline (very reasonable timelines). Guests who RSVP’d after the date were told RSVP is closed, guests had missed the deadline and as a consequence will miss their wedding. Final numbers had been turned in. What do you think?” she tweeted.

In a follow up tweet she posted a picture of the bridal couple's “missed RSVP” communication.

— Chi Chi (@BlackBarbie_Chi) March 13, 2024

Most X users responded to the tweet saying that what the bridal couple did was only fair.

“Can’t lie, I’m very impressed they stood their ground. If you can’t take my wedding serious then you don’t deserve to be there,” responded @fairy_duststash.

While @_un4th1_ explained the importance of RSVPing saying: “That’s how RSVPs work sana. Also some have RSVP date because they need to pay deposits for certain things and they pay according to per head attending.(catering per head, chairs, seating etc).”

“I love it. They stood their ground, their wedding, their rules,” said @MhipsA.

@NanSishange wrote: “Consequence is rather a strong word but it’s fair. RSVP deadlines are there for a reason and planning. You miss it you don’t have a seat.”

Have your say... How should people who RSVP late for weddings be treated by the bridal couple?

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