Rock the boat with

Published Sep 29, 2023


Yes, you read that right: rock the boat and work the middle with the assistance of these new-age sex toys.

Available on Loot, take your sex life to a level beyond imaginable. All based on preference. Shop sex toys that meet your needs. These toys are worth trying and spending your buck on; from beginner to advanced, shop online from the comfort of your home. Again, everybody is different, so what sends one person to O-Town may not work the same for you.

Ease into it with a pair of handcuffs. Yes, it's giving 50 shades, but who doesn't love a little Christian Grey moment in the bedroom? Perfectly balancing an authentic bedroom bondage experience with the reassurance of imminent escape if required, You. Are. Mine. is a strong pair of lockable handcuffs with a safety mechanism for peace of mind. Shop the Fifty Shades of Grey handcuff for only R639.

Ever heard of a reusable vacuum cup? Loot is here to help you stay on top of it, literally and figuratively. The new and improved Tenga Vacuum Cup now comes with a removable sleeve for cleaning! It also features an all-new airflow structure for boosted Vacuum Suction Sensation! The REGULAR has the same material intensity as the famous Original Vacuum cup! Experience our global standard in amazing sensations in its reusable form.

If the above is not your cup of tea, try testing the Fleshlight Quickshot (Stamina Training Unit) to get your stroke game on one hundred! The Quickshot Stamina Training Unit combines two popular products into a discreet, open-ended stroker that turns ordinary masturbation into an intensely pleasurable training session.

This combo is a major steal if you are trying to upgrade your sex toys collection. This gorgeous little mischief-maker will soon have you bunny-hopping with pure pleasure. Add the Rocks-Off Silhouette Dark Desires Kit to the cart that Includes a Rabbit Vibrator, Bullet Vibrator (swoon) and a Wand Vibrator at a discounted price.

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