Meeting someone for the first time? Here are tips on how to make a great first impression

Meeting new people can be daunting. Picture: Pexels Cottonbro Studio

Meeting new people can be daunting. Picture: Pexels Cottonbro Studio

Published Nov 27, 2023


For many individuals, meeting new people can be daunting.

Whether it’s a blind date or a job interview, one generally wants that first interaction to run smoothly and to leave a lasting and positive impression.

At the end of that first date or important job interview, you want the other person to want to know more about you and spend more time with you.

Always maintain eye contact. Picture: Pexels George Milton

If you’re socially awkward yet want to get out there and meet new people, here are a few simple tips and tricks, you can use to make a lasting impression.

Eye contact

Eye contact is crucial when interacting with others. It conveys confidence, trustworthiness, and engagement.

However, bear in mind that maintaining eye and staring are not the same thing. Staring excessively will make others feel uncomfortable.

Smile and exude positivity

A warm smile is one of the most powerful tools in creating a positive first impression. It instantly puts others at ease and conveys friendliness.

Alongside your smile, pay attention to your body language. Stand tall, maintain an open posture, and exhibit a positive attitude.

People are naturally drawn to those who radiate positivity and confidence. Nobody likes a negative Nancy.

People are naturally drawn to those who radiate positivity. Picture: Pexels Cottonbro Studio

Be a good listener

Being a good listener is key to forging strong connections. Show genuine interest in what others have to say. Avoid interrupting or dominating conversations.

Instead, allow others to express themselves fully. This demonstrates respect and will help build trust.

Use the person’s name

Remembering and using someone’s name can leave a powerful impression. It shows attentiveness and respect for the individual.

When meeting someone for the first time, repeat their name in conversation to reinforce your memory. However, be mindful of not overusing it, as it can come across as insincere.

Be confident, not arrogant

Confidence is attractive, but arrogance is not. Projecting confidence through your body language, tone of voice, and choice of words is essential.

However, be careful not to come across as self-centred or boastful. Strike a balance by being self-assured yet humble, which will leave others with a positive impression of your character.

Practice empathy and kindness

Being empathetic and kind towards others creates an instant connection. Show genuine concern for others’ wellbeing and be supportive when needed.

Small acts of kindness, such as offering assistance or a compliment, can go a long way in creating a positive first impression.