Miss World Rolene Strauss opens up about her experience with HIV treatment

The former Miss World recently shared her personal story on social media. Picture: Instagram

The former Miss World recently shared her personal story on social media. Picture: Instagram

Published May 21, 2024


Rolene Strauss, the former Miss South Africa and Miss World, who is a mother to two boys, took to her Instagram timeline to share her personal story around HIV.

Once regarded as one of the most terrifying viruses, HIV is now a manageable condition, with various methods available to prevent infection and transmission.

Despite this progress, significant social stigma persists, making it challenging for those diagnosed with or living with HIV to adjust.

In a recent Instagram post, former Miss World Rolene Strauss shared a deeply personal story about coming in contact with the virus after the birth of her first child.

“Sharing a deeply personal story today. After the birth of our first son back in 2017, I was completing my medical studies and was exposed to HIV while treating a patient at a hospital during my call one evening.

I was breastfeeding at the time and had to go on post-exposure prophylaxis. I can still remember all the questions (even as a medical student) running through my head at the time.

Now pregnant with our third, joining the #ForeverWena campaign feels like a duty. As a mother, I understand the crucial link between maternal and child health!”

Strauss recalled that she was breastfeeding at the time and had to start post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP).

PEP involves taking HIV medications within 72 hours (3 days) after potential exposure to HIV to prevent infection. The term "prophylaxis" refers to measures taken to prevent or control the spread of infection or disease.

She admitted that, even as a doctor, she had numerous questions about the exposure and treatment.

In her Instagram post, she also discussed her participation in the #ForeverWena campaign, aiming to educate her followers about HIV and sexual health.

Her followers commented:


@rolenestrauss I remember being the MO in National District Hospital ward 5 while you were doing your rotations there having a fan moment and then taking turns with you with to go an express breastmilk for our little ones. ❤️

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