Maleh's 'Mmoloki' music video celebrates her journey and her shift in Afro-Soul and Gospel fusion

Afro Soul sensation Maleh. Picture: Supplied

Afro Soul sensation Maleh. Picture: Supplied

Published Apr 25, 2024


AfroSoul sensation Malehloka ‘Maleh’ Hlalele made waves with the release of her music video for 'Mmoloki’ in April. The heartfelt song of gratitude and praise marks her impressive tenure in the music scene.

Filmed in the picturesque locales of Bryanston and Pretoria, the video complements the song's message of thanksgiving as Maleh celebrates a significant milestone in her career.

Written by Maleh herself, 'Mmoloki' stands as a testament to her journey and resilience in the music industry. 'Mmoloki,' meaning "the God who keeps and preserves His people".

“It’s been years since I last had a visual project,” Maleh tells IOL Entertainment.

“We kept it simple, I didn't want to overcomplicate it.

“I wanted it to be about the song’s lyrics rather than a storyline. It’s quite a simple and beautifully shot video. It’s me just trying to evoke emotion and tell my story of where I come from and how I’ve come to this place of enlightenment.”

“I’m in a place spiritually where I’m trying to be dedicated to voicing where I am spiritually in my music. I’m looking to transition into gospel music and this single ‘Mmoloki’ is the first of many that will come up.

The Lesotho-born artist has over 20 years in the live music industry and while she has not released commercial gospel songs, her music has always touched on God with her references to her relationship with God.

This means her fans won’t be too surprised with the shift in her music.

Maleh with the Johannesburg Philharmonic Orchestra at the Nirox Foundation on May 12, part of the MOM concert. Picture: Supplied

“I’m looking at writing songs that speak to daily life experiences and trying to find a way to direct attention back to the idea that you can’t overcome all of it without that relationship with Christ.

“‘Mmoloki’ is a gospel song but it might not necessarily sound like the commercial gospel we have in South Africa but it’s a fusion. There’s still that afro-soul of Maleh coming through but also has the gospel direction.”

Maleh feels no pressure in this period of her life as this has been an unfolding journey, even since her last album ‘Lerato Laka’ was released in February 2022 which her fans reacted positively to.

This May, the Basadi in Music Awards award-winner will showcase her dynamic vocal range in an upcoming performance with the Johannesburg Philharmonic Orchestra at the Nirox Foundation on May 12, part of the MOM concert.

Additionally, her appearance at Bassline Live alongside Lira on May 25 promises to be a memorable event, fulfilling a dream for Maleh.

Maleh shares that interestingly enough, years ago she performed with the Johannesburg Philharmonic Orchestra and also shared the stage with Lira. Now in a way, they all meet again.

“It’s an exciting time,” says Maleh who is looking forward to sharing the stage alongside Lira at Bassline Live on Africa Day,

This will be Lira's first official live performance since she suffered a stroke in Germany in April 2022.

“I think we are all very excited that Lira is at a point of healing and able to perform again. I’m very excited to have that opportunity to welcome her back to the stage”.

As she prepares for these significant performances, Maleh reflects on her journey, attributing her success and perseverance to divine grace and a deep-seated passion for music.

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