Amapiano Awards once again fails to take place, cancelled at 11th hour

Musa Keys. Picture: Instagram

Musa Keys. Picture: Instagram

Published Dec 13, 2023


After two date changes, the second annual South African Amapiano Awards were scheduled to take place on Tuesday December 12, but organisers were once again left with egg on their faces when they were cancelled at the last minute.

Picture this: you got your best drip on, make-up and wig ready, fresh cut and you’re ready for what has been described as amapiano’s biggest night, but when you get to the venue, instead of flashing cameras, you are met with a sign that reads: “Amapiano Awards cancelled due to non-payment from organisers”.

I wish I could say that this was an imaginary situation, but it is sadly the unfortunate reality that some were met with.

At the last hour on Tuesday, representatives from Bathu, the awards main sponsor, messaged the media to inform them that the awards had been cancelled.

The sneaker brand partnered with the awards when they were meant to take place in April 2023 at SunBet Arena and hosted by Robot Boii. They never happened on that day, they got postponed to November, which turned into December 12.

Organisers seemed to be all over the show, and couldn’t even secure the venue, they announced. The Galleria in Sandton has hosted a lot of Johannesburg entertainment industry events, they are no strangers to the business.

In a statement issued, organisers confirmed the awards were cancelled; and the difficult decision was because of “circumstances beyond their control”.

When they announced their new December date, organisers were excited; stellar host Bontle Modiselle, the line-up looked giving - Musa Keys, Toss, MaWhoo and Babalwa M.

They even announced they had sponsors on board, things looked bright. What could have happened to the venue payment?

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