What to know about current snake activity - snake rescuer

The black mamba. Picture: Nick Evans

The black mamba. Picture: Nick Evans

Published Nov 23, 2023


Durban snake rescuer Nick Evans took to his Facebook page to correct some exaggerated and misinformation that was being circulated on social media about the current snake activity.

Evans said that if anyone gets forwarded a WhatsApp message about current snake activity and ‘advice’, which he is quoted to have said, they should note that it is “over-exaggerated” with some “misinformation” too.

He said this is not uncommon and sadly, snake removers are often misquoted.

Evans thanked those journalists who go about their work the right way and get the facts right.

Things to note that Evans said:

  • Yes, there is a heat wave. Yes, snakes are on the move as a result. Should we be panicking and keeping our doors and windows closed permanently, suffocating in the heat? No. Worry more about criminals entering through those entry points. You are at a far greater risk of being injured by a human than a snake.
  • November, and the rest of summer, is always a busy time for snakes.
  • Snakes MAY enter homes on hot days, but it does not mean it WILL happen. It is a slim chance. Most of the snakes we catch are outside, but of course, not always.
  • It is not mating season for green mambas, but it is egg-laying season. The chance of you seeing a gravid (pregnant) green is incredibly slim, particularly if you do not live next to the coast. You would have to be really lucky, only a few people do. They are not common snakes.
  • SOME snakes are nocturnal hunters, but most definitely not all. There are many diurnal (active during the day) species.
  • I never like calling snakes aggressive. If attacked, they will most likely defend themselves - but wouldn’t we all?

“Yes, you read about me and other snake removers catching venomous snakes in properties. But the majority of species we are called about are non-venomous,” Evans said.

He said Durban is a big place with many, many homes. Snakes are not seen in every home every day.

“Please try not to panic, I do understand that is easier said than done,” Evans added.

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