NOAH expands its facility, adding a new centre for the elderly in Athlone

Published Apr 18, 2024


Cape Town - The Neighbourhood Old Age Homes (NOAH) has expanded with the launch of a centre in Athlone, yet another major milestone for the nonprofit organisation.

NOAH Athlone officially launched on April 9, and is based at Caritas Cape Town, Lawrence Road.

Present at the launch were key community representatives and stakeholders from the City of Cape Town, Athlone police, Athlone Community Policing Forum (CPF) and the neighbourhood watch, along with NOAH members and staff.

Established in 1981, NOAH supports over 700 older persons, providing a safe residence at its communal homes, holistic care and wellness, and income generation through a number of social enterprises.

NOAH interim director, Anne Dobson, said services at the site will include a Community Centre offering a variety of daily activities, and including food gardening and healing; and a primary healthcare clinic.

NOAH will also open a branch of its “Selling Seconds” retail outlet, which would likely be based closer to Belgravia Road.

“The aim of the Athlone project is to replicate the existing Woodstock ‘hub’ model in a new context. i.e. expand to Athlone to provide a full basket of services for social pensioners in the area.

“We chose Athlone as we are familiar with the area, it meets the NOAH criteria in terms of local amenities and services available,” Dobson said.

The organisation is also looking to acquire a second residential home in Athlone to increase affordable accommodation for pensioners in the area.

Currently, NOAH provides 12 communal homes, two primary healthcare clinics, psycho-social support through two Community Centres, and social enterprises for income generation.

“NOAH ensures that more than

700 older persons remain active and independent for as long as possible,” Dobson said.

Seven communal homes are situated in Woodstock, and one each in Athlone, Maitland, Elsies River, Atlantis, and Idas Valley.

During the launch speech, Dobson said: “The Athlone community is rich with history and vibrant spirit. We are honoured to be here, and we look forward to becoming an integral part of the social fabric. Together, we will create a space where our elders can not only live long and healthy lives but also continue to contribute their wisdom and experience for the benefit of all.”

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