PSCU asks, ‘Why is this Government not embracing job creation efforts?’

The Public Service and Commercial Union (PSCU) Secretary General, Tahir Maepa, Image: Supplied.

The Public Service and Commercial Union (PSCU) Secretary General, Tahir Maepa, Image: Supplied.

Published Feb 2, 2024


The Public Service and Commercial Union of South Africa (PSCU) has released a scathing statement regarding the country’s government and its stance on job creation.

The union said, “In a country where many rely on governments social grant, the creation for sustainable jobs is ever so important, especially for the youth. According to media reports Sagarmatha a Sekunjalo Group company had secured a $400 million investment to create about 5000 jobs in technology for South African youth. Unfortunately, this initiative was sabotaged by continuous delay, tactics from government and other state organs, including the Johannesburg stock exchange (JSE).”

PSCU went on to say that Sagarmatha would have been the first African multi-sided platform (MSP) to have listed abroad.

“Instead of supporting homegrown initiatives, South Africa is now opening its doors to other MSPs Like Amazon instead of supporting homegrown initiatives. The group has since initiated a 50 billion rent lawsuit against key South African governmental and regulatory bodies including the JSE and the presidency. This lawsuit will sadly be footed by less than 7 million taxpayers who are also hanging by a threat to remain in the employment group,” the union further stated.

The Public Service and Commercial Union (PSCU) Secretary General, Tahir Maepa in 2023 wrote to the Department of Employment and Labour (DEL) and The Presidency about their policies and roles in ensuring sustainable employment in South Africa.

The letters also requested proof of how funds allocated for jobs have been used since the current administration. The Public Employment Services (PES), Labour Activation Programme (LAP) and Temporary Employer/Employee Scheme (TERS) were programs supposed to be moved to Productivity SA since the reconfiguration of DEL to ensure efficiency and acceleration of job creation projects but such has not materialized to date.

“The response from DEL lamented on various policies and plans but not enough on tangible and sustainable results that a country can boast of”, said Maepa.

“The resignation of the Director General (DG) of DEL, Thobile Lamati has also raised eyebrows this comes after months of allegations on money that was approved for a project that was to ascertain employment in the country could not be allocated due to political interference. The DG backed the R5billion project to be funded by Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) as part of a job creation scheme,” PSCU said.

“Although this was within his powers as a DG, the powers above seemed to lack the same vision. A vision that would alleviate unemployment and boost the economy, which is much needed.”

“As labour the creation and preservation of jobs in the country as well as a prosperous economy is of great importance to us. It is no secret that a thriving workforce is fundamental in any economy, but it seems this current administration under Cyril Ramaphosa is comfortable with its people relying on social grants for bread and butter. This also puts pressure on the already struggling small working class for their taxes to maintain the poor”, said Maepa.

“Why is this government not embracing job creation efforts put forward by their own people?” Maepa asked.