Over 26 billion records leaked in massive data leak from sites such as Twitter and LinkedIn, find out if you’re affected

A programmer shows a sample of decrypting source code. File image.

A programmer shows a sample of decrypting source code. File image.

Published Jan 23, 2024


Experts call the latest cyber heist the ‘mother of all breaches’ after 26 billion records were leaked from websites such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Dropbox.

This comes after the Daily Mail reported that sensitive information from several sites including Twitter, Dropbox, and Linkedin was discovered on an unsecured page.

Bob Dyachenko, owner of SecurityDiscovery.com and researchers from Cybernews discovered the data breach on an unsecured web instance.

Likely, the owner of the massive breach will never be discovered but the researchers suggest it could be a malicious actor, data broker, or service that works with large amounts of data, the publication reported.

Early data suggests that this is not a new breach, but is actually a collection of earlier breaches.

Check if you have been affected

To find out if you have been affected by the breach, enter your email address or phone number into the search bar on cybernews.com and click 'check now' to see whether that account information has been leaked.

Cybernews says that it is currently working on updating the tool to ensure that it will be able to check for data leaked in this latest breach.

Alternatively, Cybernews has also created a searchable list of sites compromised by the breach.