Following a career path to breakdancing leads to Paris Olympics world stage

Courtnaé Paul. Image: Supplied.

Courtnaé Paul. Image: Supplied.

Published Feb 24, 2024


Breakdancing is a matter of art-meets-athleticism, with a whole lot of endurance thrown in.

In fact, so much so that this year, Breakdancing will make its debut at the Paris Olympics, becoming a notable sport on the international stage.

Olympic breakdancer Courtnaé Paul, shared with Business Report what it’s like having a career in the industry.

First, Find Your Passion

For Paul, the shift from dance being a mere passion to a full-fledged profession demanded a distinctive approach to maintaining motivation.

"To me, motivation is like fuel; you need to refill it constantly," she says, explaining how living her dream required setting both short-term and long-term goals to keep her inner fire burning.“

“When you have a purpose that drives you to wake up every day and train, that alone serves as motivation," Paul added.

Her Training Routine

Breakdancing is a willful and creative style of dance. It’s dance born on the streets where sneakers are the dance shoes and dynamic gymnastic maneuvers are the standard moves.

Dance, sure, but the top protagonists (who will feature in the Olympic Games for the first time in 2024) are supreme athletes.

Paul shed light on the diverse training involved, "Breaking encompasses various elements such as strength, cardiovascular endurance, dynamic movements, flexibility and above all else, musicality," she explains.

Paul follows a disciplined training routine of approximately five sessions per week but remains adaptable in her approach.

Depending on how she feels or, if needed for recovery, she may incorporate an extra day or take breaks when necessary.

She believes that ensuring adaptability is crucial for maintaining a sustainable and well-rounded fitness routine.

If you're new to the fitness journey, Paul has some practical tips to offer. She advises starting with small, achievable goals that won't overwhelm you right from the beginning.

It's also important to seek guidance, observe others and surround yourself with like-minded individuals who share your fitness aspirations.


Her training week is carefully planned, including days dedicated to drills, cardio exercises, creative sessions, active rest periods and battle days. Each day starts with warm-ups and stretching to ensure a well-rounded routine.

When preparing for major competitions such as Red Bull BC One, Paul adopts a strategic approach that considers the event's timing.

She divides her calendar into off-season and on-season phases. Working backwards from the competition date, she focuses on building strength, creating new moves and perfecting combinations.

As the competition draws near, she prioritises fitness and fine-tuning her routines while making necessary adjustments for any injuries.

Diet Should Not Be Overlooked

Maintaining a consistent diet can be challenging for Paul, due to changing schedules and frequent travel.

However, she strives to eat mostly clean by prioritising protein-rich foods, and fruits, staying hydrated with water, and incorporating rice into her meals.

She occasionally indulges in treats, to add a touch of enjoyment to her routine.

"I make sure I have lots of protein, fruit, water, rice and sometimes even toast when I'm in a hurry."

Paul's dedication to fitness and her unique motivational approach exemplify the discipline required to be a world-class breaker.